Thursday, April 06, 2006

Voting on 4th May

There is increasing evidence that racist propaganda will play a significant part in the elections on 4 May. The BNP will contest at least some of the wards in Dudley Borough and their policies quite clearly target people of other races including refugees and asylum seekers. Indeed they are even claiming to be the "last of hope of Christian culture" and are thus purporting to speak on behalf of Christians.

The BNP have previously won a seat on Dudley Council and had a significant level of votes in two local constituencies in last year's General Election.

As part of the Alliance for Community Cohesion (Race & Faith) the Dudley Borough Churches Forum is supporting efforts to counter this threat. I would therefore urge us all as people of faith to turn out and vote on 4 May. The greatest danger comes when turnout is low - as it is so often at local elections.


Fr Andrew

Learning from our Muslim Neighbours

18 May at 7 for 7.30 p.m.

           Interfaith Forum

We’re invited for visit to Dudley Mosque to learn more about the Muslim faith and to explore how we can build better relations between people of faith. If you are interested please speak to Fr Andrew beforehand so that transport can be arranged.


Queen's Birthday Celebrations

Service of Celebration to mark the 80th Birthday of HM the Queen

             on Friday 21st April at 7.00pm

at St Thomas' Church, Dudley ("Top Church"). All are welcome